Can I torrent with TunnelBear?

No. While we are looking into ways that we can provide a completely unrestricted browsing experience, unfortunately TunnelBear does not currently support the use of BitTorrent.

Although we realize that BitTorrent can be used for totally legal purposes, due to a high volume of complaints from content providers, TunnelBear was put in the unfortunate position of making a choice between two options:

The first option (which most VPN providers choose) is to begin logging user activity. TunnelBear is very strongly against monitoring and tracking user activity as most of our customers use TunnelBear explicitly to browse online privately. As such, this was not a viable option for us.  

The second option (which TunnelBear has chosen) is to disable BitTorrent ports. While we philosophically dislike blocking anything, we prefer this option as opposed to being forced to collect information about our users.

To be clear, TunnelBear will never log session related information about our customers. For more information take a look at our Privacy Policy.