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Information on logging, encryption and legal stuff

At TunnelBear, we take your privacy seriously. We think the internet is a better place when everyone can use the same open internet, regardless of their location.

No logging

One of the main ways we keep your identity and location private is that we keep absolutely no logs which can identify your location or activities. Our stance on not logging users extends to your IP address, which we do not collect at any point while you are using the service. TunnelBear only stores the very basic information we need to operate our service, including: your account information (email / password) and total data usage per month.

Your protection also extends to payment options. If you’re a paid subscriber, your billing information is stored by a third party (Paypal or Stripe) who keep your information private.

No data sharing

We do not data mine or share information with governments or advertisers. We don’t keep logs or user activity information so not having any information to share, means we rarely get requests from law enforcement or government agencies to release subscriber information.

Even if we do get these requests, you’re still protected because we have nothing to provide. Basically, you’re fully protected because we don’t keep any information.

Secure VPN technologies

We also use the best VPN protocols to protect your information (OpenVPN on desktop/Android, IPSec on iOS). You can find a more detailed description of our encryption settings in this blog post.

We’re Canadian, eh!

TunnelBear is based in Toronto, Canada and as a result, we are bound by Canadian laws. Just in case you were wondering, there's also no Canadian law that requires us to keep logs on customer usage.
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