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  • Free data for Pakistan

    Over the past few days, we have observed targeted attempts in Pakistan to block access to TunnelBear during an important election period.

    In order to help keep access to an open and free internet, we have temporarily increased the monthly data allowance for free users connecting from Pakistan to 10GB.

    If you are connecting from Pakistan and have any issues receiving your data, please contact our friendly support bears at

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  • Updating TunnelBear on Windows 4.7.2 and 4.7.3

    On July 6th, we released TunnelBear version 4.7.2 for our Windows app. Unfortunately, one of the minor changes in this release created an issue where if users try to update the app while "On close, stay running in the background" is enabled, TunnelBear simply won't update.

    While Windows version 4.7.2 and 4.7.3 are both perfectly safe to use, we don't want users to miss out on some of the upcoming features and improvements we have on the way.


    How to update your Bear:

    In order to update your TunnelBear in light of this issue, Windows users can run through any of the following options:

    Update via your TunnelBear settings:

    1. Open your TunnelBear settings menu
    2. Make sure you have selected the "General" tab
    3. Make sure "On close, stay running in the background" is disabled
    4. Select the "Account" tab and "Check for updates"
    5. Proceed through the prompts to update TunnelBear
    6. Once finished, reenable "On close, stay running in the background"

    MicrosoftTeams-image.png   MicrosoftTeams-image

    Reinstall the TunnelBear application:

    1. Make sure to quit/close the TunnelBear application
    2. Download the latest version of TunnelBear for Windows
    3. Run the TunnelBear installer
    4. Proceed through the prompts to update TunnelBear

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  • We're increasing our free data limit!

    We have exciting news to share!

    For 11 years, we’ve done our best to ensure that users could try out TunnelBear before committing to a subscription. Resetting monthly, we’ve provided all users with the option to create a free account and have access to 500 MB of VPN data, with the option to participate in monthly bonus data promotions.

    We’re happy to announce that we’ve made the decision to increase our free data limit to 2GB per month, and in doing so, we will also be removing the extra leg work required to partake in our data bonuses.

    What does this mean for you?

    Over the course of the next month, you should see your free data limit increase automatically to 2GB. This will occur on your next monthly data reset - typically on the anniversary of when you created your account. We ask that you ‘bear’ with us until this happens.

    You may still see the option to partake in a data bonus within the TunnelBear app, but these will be removed in future updates. Our aim is to make things as easy as possible for our users. There are no extra hoops to jump through to get the increased data.

    Our goal has always been to provide an easy-to-use, secure service, and promote a more open internet. By removing our data bonuses, and increasing our free data limit, we hope to make our service even more accessible than it was before.


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