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  • Ending Support for iOS 11

    With the upcoming release of iOS 15, we’ve had to make the always difficult decision to discontinue software support for an older OS version - namely, iOS 11.

    You can see an updated list of the OS versions we currently support here. 


    Why have we made this decision?

    As always, building newer and better versions of TunnelBear means compatibility issues with older OS versions can occur. It becomes a balancing act between keeping TunnelBear current with access to great features, and fixing issues that can occur with outdated operating systems. If we choose to support the latter, it can take away from our ability to continuously improve and support TunnelBear as a whole.


    What does it mean if you are running iOS 11?

    Our latest TunnelBear release on iOS (app version 4.1.17) will continue to work on any iOS 11 device at this time. However future TunnelBear updates and improvements will be restricted to iOS 12 or later. Our friendly Support Bears will continue to offer technical support for iOS 11 until February 28th, 2022.


    What can you do to remain supported?

    If possible, we suggest updating your device to at least iOS 12 to ensure that you're still able to use TunnelBear to its fullest extent. Any device that runs iOS 11 should be able to update to iOS 12. Check out Apple's handy guide for updating your iOS here.

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