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  • TunnelBear no longer available in India

    In order to protect the privacy of our users, we’ve made the difficult decision to no longer sell TunnelBear in India.


    Why have we made this decision?

    Earlier this year, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) announced that it will require VPN providers to log personal user data and maintain this data for 5 years.

    In light of these rules, we made the decision to remove our servers from India in June. Amidst growing concerns around what these rules entail, and to further ensure we can maintain a log-free VPN, we’ve since decided to no longer sell or provide access to TunnelBear for users connecting from India.

    Should the CERT-In rules be adjusted, or we determine that operating in India won’t put our users and network at risk, we will consider making TunnelBear available once more.


    What does this mean for you?

    If you are outside of India, nothing will change. TunnelBear will continue to keep all of your browsing private and secure. TunnelBear will never log user traffic and data.

    If you are in India, you will no longer be able to connect to, purchase, or download TunnelBear from our website, the Apple app store, and Google Play. If you have an existing TunnelBear subscription, it will be automatically cancelled.

    If you have further questions, or need additional help, you can contact our friendly support bears here.

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  • Ending support for macOS 10.14 and older

    As we near the middle of 2022, we realize that it's time to pick the bugs out of our fur, and review the upcoming improvements to the TunnelBear application. To make sure we are providing the most secure VPN service possible, we have made the decision to discontinue support for macOS 10.14 and older. To receive the best and most up-to-date TunnelBear experience, we advise that our macOS users are running 10.15 (Catalina) or later.

    You can see an updated list of the OS versions we currently support here.


    Why have we made this decision?

    As always, building newer and better versions of TunnelBear means compatibility issues with older OS versions can occur. It becomes a balancing act between keeping TunnelBear current with access to great features, and fixing issues that can occur with outdated operating systems. If we choose to support the latter, it can take away from our ability to continuously improve and support TunnelBear as a whole.


    What does it mean if you are running macOS 10.14 or older?

    Our latest TunnelBear release on macOS (app version 4.1.8) will continue to work on macOS 10.12 through macOS 10.14. However to receive future TunnelBear updates, we do require that users are running macOS 10.15 or later


    What can you do to remain supported?

    If possible, we suggest updating your device to at least macOS 10.15 to ensure that you're still able to use TunnelBear to its fullest extent. Any device that runs macOS 10.12 through 10.14 should be able to update to macOS 10.15. Check out Apple's handy guide for updating your OS here.

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